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Got some work to do this weekend (pic)


Welp it looks like I have some work to do this weekend heh. Anyone who has instslled the Total Chaos kit have any advice for any special tricks or things to do or not to do? Any experiance advice would be appreciated. Its going on a 1992 Toyota 4WD.

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You suck dude! Congrats, is that the Cadillac kit? Wow, those are super pretty. How much did you pay for the kit? Wish I had the same problem you have lol

Where do you live? If you are nearby, you mind if I stop by and see how it all comes together?
Yea its the Caddy kit. I got it for about $1400 but thats with some discounts and some credits. I live in Vista. Feel free to stop by anytime this weekend I should be working on it from Friday night till Sunday night heh. Email me and I will give you directions.

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Austin, I would pull that thrid member and take it to have a new R/P installed since your not going to hook up the 4wd right away... And don't break any of my tools!!! J/K have fun.... Sorry I won't be around to help you out...

Have a nice time this weekend. That is great looking kit...where are the shocks or what kind are you using? Also, I can't get those pics from my work computer so I will try later 2nite at home. Thanks for doing that!

Well I plan on running some 2.5 10" Dual rate Coilovers in a month or so. But for now I am just going to use the 10" 2.0 Fox's that are already on the truck with a hoop. You should be able to get to the picture, it works fine for me.

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Well its a little harded than I expected to install the kit heh. I got all the stock stuff off the right side and only had enough time tonight to get the lower arm in there. Man that lower arm is a tight fit heh. Here are some pics:

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you should think about pulling that arm off and detailing your front end before you get everything on there. I regret not doing it to my ranger when i had the whole front end off. Just My 2cents.


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It's Sunday night! How did it go? Hope you had good luck!



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I guess what we are wondering is if you are going to be able to make it to work tomarrow or take a sick day?


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Man that job looks like a big greasy pain in the arse if you ask me. Hope you finished it by now. I feel your pain.


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Ok I'm done! I actually finished it Saturday night at like 11PM. I went out today and tested it and OH MY! It makes the BIGGEST differnence. Its so nice hitting dips and bumps fast and just gliding over them! I will do a write up along with video clips in a day or so. Here are the pics for now.

Oh yea as you can see I need to go and get an allignment tomorrow! And I will get some better pictures.

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Hey looks good! I hope you have fun with it. We will seee you in the desert!



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That kit is NICE!! I wish someone would make one for my Chevy. Are you going to bail the torsions after you get the coilover? My girlfriend's toy is a 92, but a 22re, and is gutless to say the least. Nice truck though...See you in Ocotillo sometime.



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Are you planning on running a coilover with 4x4? From what I understand it is either one or the other, but I could be wrong. I was told that the axle wont fit past the coil.
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Yes I will be ditching the tortions. I will see if I can make the axle fit in there, if not then its not that big of a deal. Yea I will be out at Octillo Wells a lot this year if you see me come over and say hi.

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