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Some of you may have these already, I received them from the Disrtict 37 newsletter:


If you want to become more active....and contact legislators as the need
arises, the following sites will be most helpful.

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City and county officials
Contact Local Elected officials. Find contact information for members of
city and county governments. Search by ZIP code or state.

Local governments and topics
The search engine on this site scours home pages of city and state
governments. Select the state and topics in which you are interested.

Feedback to governors
Send feedback to your governor. Click on your state to go to the governor’s
home page.

State information
Find information on your state government or a state agency. Listings are
state-by-state, plus multi-state commissions, federal resources and national
organizations with state ties.

Federal Courts
This page has links to federal courts at every level.

U.S. Senate
This page lists the e-mail and mailing addresses for all senators. Also,
learn more about the Senate’s activities.

U.S. House of Representatives
This site has links to Web sites for each representative.

GET INVOLVED: Go online to get more involved in politics. Start a petition,
read about what’s going on in Washington and, most importantly, make sure
you are registered to vote.

Activity in Congress

The Library of Congress developed this site to track congressional activity.

The White House
This site reports on White House news. It provides links to briefings,
presidential documents and other archives.

Start a petition
Get political right from your computer. Start a petition online or support
someone else’s.

Get ready to vote
This page shows you how to use the National Mail Voter Registration Form.

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