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GPS , iPad, navigation advice


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Currently running a Gen 2 HDS5 in our race truck. Works fine but kinda small hard to read etc. Going to put it in out 4 seat buggy.

What are some thoughts or experince out there. Looking at Elite 7 or Elite 7 touch screen or Gen 3 HDS 7 touch screen or possibly even IPad set up with nav software. Just trying to seek opinions.


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The maps and tracks you have now will not work on a gen 3. SCORE does offer tracks for gen 3 starting with the last race. Ask PCI if they have gen 3 maps.
My HDS gen2 7m works good. Hard to find. No Elite experience.


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How do you download the track on it ? And will it work off grid ? In Mexico

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Ive been playing around with LeadNav for a few weeks. Leaps and bounds above the various Lowrance systems i have used racing and prerunning over the years. To download a track, all you need to do is open the web browser on your tablet and download the zip file. The LeadNav app automatically loads the track on to the app. To use it offline, like in Mexico, you have to subscribe to annual fee. Then you have to spend time, connected to the internet, zooming in and downloading parts of the map within the app that you want to use later offline.