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After much thought about it, I decided to go with the gps. There is just so much that you can do with it. Thanks for all the help guys, I really appriciate it.


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A couple of responses.....
From Lowrance:

"Thank you for your inquiry. You did not give any details as to nature of
your group. Are you a not-for-profit, a government division, or a
university group? If this is strictly a group of friends or fishing
partners, there is no quantity discount.

For any type of sponsorship, please review the following information to
appropriately apply:

* Your request must be made in writing and mailed in a conventional
manner to:

Lowrance Electronics
Attention: Promotions Manager
12000 East Skelly Drive
Tulsa, OK 74128

* All requests must be for events no sooner than one (1) year from the
date of the request.

* All saltwater sponsorships will be reviewed upon receipt, this
includes Charter Captains and (coastal) Guides.

* All freshwater sponsorship requests will be reviewed during the
month of November only.

Thank you for your interest.

Lowrance Customer Service
12000 E. Skelly Dr.
Tulsa, OK 74128

Customer Service: 1-800-324-1356
Lowrance website: http://www.lowrance.com>

LEI: Parts & Accessories 1-800-324-0045
online at http://www.lei-extras.com>


From Affordable GPS:

"Hello Sir if you are paying cash or Wire Transfer, I can sell these to you for $497.00.


Bill McCoy

<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.affordablegps.com>www.affordablegps.com</A>"


So, at least we found place that wants to be a player. BTW, Affordable GPS listed the unit for $699.


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I've still got a couple of emails out there waiting for responses. So far, the $497 is looking pretty good. Here's the latest:

Hello Tim,
We would love to help you but we would not be able to beat that price.
Jamie R.
The GPS Store Sales Team
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.thegpsstore.com>www.thegpsstore.com</A>
Phone 910-575-9544
Fax 910-575-9543
US Toll Free 1-888-477-2611


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I think it's time we make our move. Here is the best response to date:
Ahoy Tim
Your price of $497 is an excellent price, I can match it, or even give you $496. At that there is barely enough profit to pay the gas to the post office; and that price is dependent upon buying 5 units. I checked with the factory so see if there has been a price reduction and there are no recent reductions.

Also at that price I can not give Yacht Club Members a discount as we usually do.

IF you live outside California, I can save you a lot of money on sales tax. ($192.20)
Also shipping is something to consider. Shipping should be about $5 or $6 per unit depending upon where you live. You should pay extra for insurance with that dollar value.

I suggest you take the offer as you will not be able to make a difference worth the effort and you may end up with seconds or have to pay extra for the mapping software. My price includes the IMS MapCreate Marine & Recreation CD-Rom.

Best Regards and Safe Sailing _/)
Herb Halling, N6MGW
Electronic Shoppe @ Burgees.com

Here are some more validating our price as the best possible:
Buy them!!!
Rich Lasby
Director of Operations
Buy them!
I can match that price on these terms:
You pay shipping via your choice of UPS or Fed Ex. Order is prepaid via bank / certified check or money order (the markup here is 4% over my cost so 3% in credit card fees is not going to work). Offer good until 6 pm EST, Tuesday, Oct. 16. Order is for five units.
Rob Proctor

So, let's make it happen! The leg work has been done. We have the best deal possile. We do not pay tax if they are shipped outside of California. Does anyone else who is buying live outside Ca? I do. I am available via pager and email through the night (I work 6pm-6am). Page or email me and we'll work-out the logistics.

Tim Hayosh
Pager: 888-298-6964

Email: FormulaNine@Qwest.net


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What I guess I see now, is that our best price is $496. That is only $3 less than Cabela's posted "sale" price. It might be simplest to bail on the group purchase thing since we are not saving a great deal of money. Please register your thoughts here. Thanks.


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This just in from PCI Race Radios:

Tim The price you got at 497 was a good one. If you bought 3 or more I
could go $475.

Scott Steinberger
Protruck 270

Who else is in!

John Bitting

I knew Scott would come through. He always does, especially for a Race-Dezert.com cause. Gabe and I am still down whenever and wherever we are ready.. Let us know.. I need to go to PCI anyways to see Scott. Tim thank you for all of your work, Frank you also. Scott thank you to you and PCI, everyone remember to support the stores that support off-road racing..


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On the lowrance sight <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.lowrance.com>www.lowrance.com</A> they have a deal that lasts until new years, where you buy the new Globalmap 3000MT (the new version of the 1600), and get a Globalmap 100 handheld gps for free to go with it. Sounds pretty good so check it out. i also saw a deal on ebay for a lowrance 1600 new in the box for $359.00. sounds like a good deal as well. Props to Scott at PCI though, because he cut you guys one hell of a deal. I would be in on it, but my finances are spread thin do to my new helmet, getting it wired, and getting it painted.


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Jimmy, that 3000MT is a sweet unit. Functionally about the same as the 1600, just a larger screen. I wish I could afford it. Having read the 1600 manual last night, I can say it will surpass anyone's expectations.

So far, Gabe, John, and I are in for the PCI deal...WHO else????


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OK, I'll plunge in. Still not used to freely spending large chunks so fresh out of college....but I'm ready to move past my GPS III.
Who ever is coordinating, PM me with where to send funds and what you want; Cash, cert. or private check, etc.

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Tim, I am intrested in this as well. I am waiting on a check in the mail. How soon are you buying? Also is this the same unit that Scott and Kevin Davis run? Jimmy8 I saw in another post you thought this might have been a stupid question, Quite the contrary, I have learned a lot from your question. Thanks

J.C. Andrews
Andrews Racing
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.andrewsracing.com>www.andrewsracing.com</A>


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JC, I don't know what unit those guys use. This is the unit that everyone used for the Baja 2000. BFG made a map file that you could upload to your GPS and NOT GET LOST! I am not sure, but that map file would have been proprietary to a Lowrance unit.

The GlobalMap 1600 is shipped with a software disc that allows you to get super detailed versions of a specific area. It has 2 1MB partitions for holding these maps. You can also make a map with all of your waypoint notes and save it to your computer. Then when you got back to that same place (Barstow, Ensenada, etc) you can re-load it with your old course notes.

There are some other applications for your GPS unit that I am currently working on. I am not yet ready to detail this yet, but it will be amazing. And, you can use ANY GPS unit for this. In fact, I just bought a cheesy old GPS unit from a friend for this purpose ($50). I'll be testing next weekend in Glamis.

The main advantage of the GlobalMap 1600 is the large screen.


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Jimmy8, I went to the site you pointed out but did not see a cost. Did you find out what the cost was?

J.C. Andrews
Andrews Racing
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.andrewsracing.com>www.andrewsracing.com</A>


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Here's the link to the 2 for 1 program...
<A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.lowrance.com/holidaysale.asp>http://www.lowrance.com/holidaysale.asp</A>

Purchase a LC X-15MT GPS combo, a LC X-15CT GPS Combo, a Global Map 3000 MT, or a LC X-16CI GPS Combo, and Lowrance will mail each consumer a free Global Map 100 Plus hand held GPS unit valued at $299.99. ****Customer must mail a copy of their dated sales receipt a long with the original UPC from the shipping carton to Lowrance.

The 3000MT cost is $699.


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Question. The programs that BFG and Ford are making for the SCORE and BITD races. Will they only work on the 1600, or will they work on the 3000MT, and Garmins ect, or maybe just the 3000MT because it is the same manufacturer. Anyone know, or is the program they are making specifically designed for the 1600 alone.


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The Motion tire gang whats some so I'm up to 4 total. Let me know what the plan is to get them. I need at least 1 for the 1000. does scott have the in stock? and thanks for you time in getting us this deal.


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Jimmy, Lowrance only lists one software program for transferring your custom maps. I do know that maps created for Garmin WILL NOT work with a Lowrance unit. Lowrance uses a custom compression algorhythm. They also state that they will not be offering any "translator" programs to allow other maps to be used. Therefore, I assume that you could use a map from either the 1600 or 3000MT unit. Since this is only an asumption. I have emailed them asking specifically if this can be done.

The 3000MT has 2 slots for memory cards. The GlobalMap 1600 has 2- 1MB partitions. The 3000MT is shipped with one 8MB memory card, and can hold 2 64MB cards. Remember, the 1600 (and 3000MT) have a basemap built in. The additional memory locations are for hyper detailed versions of area-specific maps. See pasted text below for a comparison of internal memories.

For those interested in this deal, we are up to eight units. I do not know how much stock PCI is carrying. I have emailed them, and I am waiting for a reply. If you are out there on the fringe, you need to contact me ASAP to get on the list.

Cheers, Tim

GlobalMap® 1600........ Waypoint Storage....... Event Markers.......Routes.................Plot Trails
............................................750............................ 1,000............ up to 99............ 3 savable, up to 3,000 points per trail

GlobalMap® 3000MT...... Waypoint Storage......... Event Markers.......Routes.............Plot Trals ..
..............................................1,000.......................... 1,000................ 100............. 10 savable, up to 10,000 points per trail