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OK, here's the latest....I got a screwed up email address with Scott, so this took longer than normal. Pasted below is his response with all my questions answered. Additionally, he gives a recommendation on the 3000MT unit. This is the unit I will buy. I talked with "BFG Bob" yesterday to confirm that the data he collects for the SCORE maps is usable in either the 1600 or the 3000MT. I also called Lowrance to confirm this. I also understand that the GlobalMap 100(+) can use this data equally.

Scott says that PCI can do the 3000MT for $639 for 3 or more units to "deZert people". That a really good price. Remember, when you buy a new 3000MT you get a GlobalMap 100+ FREE from Lowrance. If there are not two more of you out there who want to do the 3000MT, there is another dealer who will do it for $641. I would rather do my business with someone who supports our sport.

I want to act now. If you are in for the 3000MT, page me ASAP: 888-298-6964

From PCI:
I have 6 Globalmap 1600 units in stock and 4 Globalmap 3000 units. I called and checked inventory the factory has plenty of both. As far as payment I would rather not do credit cards because I get hit with an extra 3 percent. Checks, money order, or cash is better for me but if you want to use credit cards add 3% because of this discounted price.

The Globalmap 1600 is actually slated to be discontinued because the detail in the new maps available take up way to much memory for its 2meg capacity. For off-road racing the globalmap 1600 is the standard but the globalmap 3000 unit is way more advanced. The most important feature of a unit for offroad racing is the plot trails. Now BFG builds trails with a maximum of 6000 points.(1600 has two 3000 point trails) For the baja 2000 race this meant one dot every 1/3 mile then the unit conects the dots. The problem with this is in technical sections this cuts corners and can be up to 1/4 mile inacurate.

Soon we will have plot trails available with unlimited detail because the 3000 unit has 10 trails available with 10,000 points each.(100,000 points available instead of 6000). For the next 2 years, The 1600 will still be the good unit because it is the standard with 6000 plot point trails that BFG uses, But next year PCI will offer a more detailed plot trail for the 3000 unit and we are also doing testing this coming up weekend prerunning for Baja with a more detailed Trail. Also anything that downloads into a 1600 can be put in the 3000 unit.MY opinion is that the 1600 is ample for most offroad racers but the 3000 unit is awesome. We offer the 3000 unit for $689 three or more $639 for the dezert people. Anything else I can do for you give me a call at PCI(562-427-8177) or call me at home after 6:30 and I will explaine to you The benefits of GPS in racing it is a tremendous advantage.(Home ph. # deleted by TH)Good luck.
> Scott Steinberger
> PCI Race Radios


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OK here's the score:

GlobalMap 1600:
John Bitting, Gabe Lara, Thom, Frank Hines (x3)= 6 units.

GlobalMap 3000MT (plus FREE GlobalMap 100+):
Frank Hines, Tim Hayosh= 2units.

We need one more person to step up to the 3000MT (plus FREE GlobalMap 100+!!).

Come on, you can do it!

Page me: 888-298-6964


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Thanks to Gabe for completing the 3000MT requirement! All of those who have contacted me about this purchase have been sent an email with the details.

FYI: PCI is really picking up the pace for making GPS more and more usable in off-road racing. Scott told me they have 1000's of miles of chase roads, access roads and race track in their data base. PCI is going to prerun for the 1000 with a 3000MT logging 100,000 points and a 1600 logging 6,000 points. Any data made on a 1600 WILL upload to a 3000MT. However, data files over 2MB will not xfr from the 3000MT to the 1600. PCI will not require you to be a member/user of anything to obtain their prerun plot trails; you can download it straight off their website (when available).

PCI has 6 years of data for these units in their files. They are in contact with Lowrance to have this info put onto the background map. Unfortunately, Mexico "owns" these roads and has not released the rights to Lowrance to "publish" them. Maybe in time...

I want to say thanks to PCI for making this deal possible. Remember, this is a "deZert People"-only deal. Units sold before or after may not be available at this price.


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I have the GlobalMap 3000MT. It's great! I got lucky and found a guy who had won one and sold it to me for $500.

Those of you thinking of the 1600 should reconsider getting the 2 for 1 deal. $700 for the GlobalMap 3000MT, then sell the GlobalMap 100 on Ebay for $200. BINGO! A 3000 for $500.

Also, I found the 64 mb MMC memory cards at <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.coastmemory.com/>www.coastmemory.com/</A> for under $80.


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Right now on ebay, they have a brand new store display lowrance globalmap 1600 for only $150.00. No bids yet so someone better hit it up.


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I have a complete 1600. Was going to use it in my prerunner.

It works, what would be a good deal for us both? Cheap enough for you to buy without me pulling my kids out of college. Sad face, tears.

John White 805 844 4665


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Stephen said:
Interesting from a historical perspective if nothing else..
Very interesting actually. Does anyone know if the PCI plot trails ever got turned into a map?


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Bryan_D said:
Um this is 4 years old I think that they might have picked one up by now.
Too funny I was all fired up about finding a GPS until John noted the date for me,pm

Curtis Guise

gwm said:
Very interesting actually. Does anyone know if the PCI plot trails ever got turned into a map?

I spent a few days looking into the possibility of making base maps for the Lawrance. As of now its very limited. I am on a mailing list of people that are developing two programs that work together and will allow you to create your own maps or convert them from Garmin. Once they get it to a usable version I will post all the info.
As of now there is only a really good base map of Baja for the Garmin unfortunately.


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Old posts confuse me??? A GPS in any race car single or 2 seat is an advantage, most new class one and Trophy Trucks now run a second unit on the drivers side and I can tell you I use it all the time. It is great to keep your speed right on when on the highways in Mexico while giving your Co-dog a break and when I am not in the dust concentrating on the ground in front of me I use it to determine how much speed to carry into turns. When we get into pass mode and are trying to work past a competitor in the dust I focus 100% on the road ahead and this is where my Co-driver needs to be game on the GPS data. Also we tend to rely on the GPS so much these days the redundancy of 2 units makes for a smart decision when outfitting your hot rod. When choosing a GPS system for a racecar choose color it is much easier to see day or night and with advanced programming you can color code your lines or chase roads. People ask me is it worth it to buy the bigger units when the 480c unit does the same thing at a fraction of the cost? My answer to this is when strapped in a bouncing race truck the thing that madders most is screen size! The bigger the unit the easier it is to see when blasting through the desert! So go with the largest unit you can fit or afford. A GPS system when downloaded with good racecourse data will up your average speed and allow you to make better decisions on the racecourse while making sure you are not lost. Bottom line is you will not be competitive with out one today as was the case when this post originated 4 years ago. Lowrance is still the way to go with benefits from both the PCI or BFG downloads for Mexico races and the number of points you can save far surpasses any other brand.