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That GPS in the pic I have used several times and it works great...its got a big screen so its easy to see.

One tip when you mount it try and mount it up on the roof if you can...its easy to see in all conditions when its uptop like that so your looking up at its easier to reach to wipe off when your in the truck strapped in....

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I have that unit and I can't say I'm impressed with Lowrance's support. The unit itself is very nice, but you can not convert map files from other sources to work with it. You are stuck with what Lowrance will lower themselves to sell you.
There is a file conversion utility for Garmin and Magellan GPS's. Lowrance uses a proprietary file format that no one has yet cracked and the primary conversion utility code writer has no intent to even try. When I called Lowrance about this they essentially said "tough" and were arrogant about why I would want more than they provide. I'm happy with the unit, but I am thoroughly pissed at Lowrance and I tell anyone who asks why.
So if the maps Lowrance supplies are good enough for you then it's great unit. If you want to go to Baja, the supplied map detail is pitifull with no remedy.
Were it me I would look for an older 2400 which I believe can have other map files uploaded to it. If it has had it's OS upgraded to 6.0 or later you can't do that.


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Lowrance GPS Systems are the best for offroad racing because they have 10 plot trails of 10,000 points each. This means when you prerun you can record your lines and follow them during the race. I currently plot all the Score and BITD races at 50 dots per mile and also put danger marks were the course warrants. In the next month Lowrance is coming out with a whole new line of GPS products that will have speaker outputs so we can integrate warnings into the intercom system. PCI is also working with Lowrance on software updates geared towards racing that will have resetable mileage up-counters and down-counters so you can use your unit like a rally-computer. PCI race preps all the units that go in the race car and we mark the back with a M for modified, if this is not done the unit will fail because of the offroad abuse we have to glue down some parts. We are also looking into plotting out some of the Snore and MDR races if there is enough interest. The unit's from Kartek you have the picture of is the Globalmap 3000 that has been race prepped by PCI. The top 10 overall vehicles in the Baja 1000 had Lowrance GPS systems. For those of you who do not understand what a GPS can do for your racing, imagine having a gauge on your dash that lets you know the severity of every turn so you can carry more speed and add MPH to your race. The new line of Lowrance GPS systems coming out also take hotmaps and other types of maps so maybe you can upgrade to a new model if this is an issue for you. In my race car I turn all map detail off so I only see the plot trail, this tends to be less confusing when you are bouncing across the desert. Lowrance is the only choice if you are using your unit for racing. I am off to Parker so if you have any more questions pm me and I will get back to you on Monday.

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Scott, I have 2 of the 3000's. I am not sure if they have been race preped by you or not but I think that is what you wanted with them at San Felipe last year. I try to prerun all of the MDR races and the files are always available for you and your customers for use if wanted. Let me know if I can help with this.

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