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Gran Turismo Sport

Anyone going to buy? Been playing Gran Turismo games for about 20 years. Heard positive and negative things about this game but the news is kind of all over the place. I was selected for the Beta Test and played it for about 2-3 months but they only gave you access to time trials on a few different courses and it was mostly a Beta Test for online gamers but they only held races at certain times of the day. Long story short, I never played online against others because that's not really my bag. Heard there will be no career mode which sucks but if this is anything like GT6 they will add things to the game via updates. I really enjoyed the Beta and even was up on the leaderboards a couple times. Visually, this game is pretty stunning. It's release date is October 17th and I heard they will let you download the demo 4 days prior to that date if you preordered it as I have done and you can take your stats to the game when it comes out.

Pic I took from the Beta Test (poor quality but just to give you an idea)

Game has been out for about 5 months now and has been updated quite a bit since then. They added a single player race series called GT League like old GT games from Beginner to Professional and some Endurance races. They also added a decal uploader for the Livery Editor to use on your custom liveries. Made some new off road inspired ones and updated the Ivan Stewart Toyota one I posted back in October. Anyone playing?

Also made some NASCAR inspired ones.