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Grand Opening Celebration


SuperTrucks Unlimited is having its grand opening celebration this Friday and Saturday, the 6th and 7th. Saturday should be pretty good - all sorts of manufacturers will be there - specials on all sorts of products - quite a few new in box Dick Cepek lights at really low low prices. A few race trucks, even a monster truck. Not sure about who all will be attending, but so far we've got quite a few desert racers showing up, LeDuc, Ashley, etc.. KCAL will be out there on Saturday broadcasting and giving stuff away. Food, drinks, the works. SuperTrucks Unlimited is located at 7341 Indiana Avenue in Riverside - exit the 91 freeway at Madison (the old Riverside Dick Cepek store). If anyone has a vehicle forsale it would be an excellent time to bring it out and park it on Indiana - we're expecting thousands of off-road savy people. Come on out and say hello... see what's new and meet some new friends.


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Congratulations and Best of Luck to you and the crew at STU!

I was invited to your Grand Opening by CJ Stewart. Unfortunately, I will be unable to attend, as your event is taking place at the same time as the BITD Terrible's Town 250. I have a standing commitment to my team. in addition to displaying at contingency for the first time with BITD, I have several creations set to debut at this event.

Since I am unable to attend, I'll ask this question of you here....Is SuperTrucks Unlimited affiliated in any way with California SuperTrucks, or is this a completely different establishment?

Again, Best of Luck, and thanks in advance for any information.


First of all... good luck at the races!

Choosing this weekend was difficult because of all the events going on in April and May, so it was decided that April 6 & 7 would have to do.

SuperTrucks Unlimited is indeed related to California SuperTrucks. A co-owner of California SuperTrucks opened SuperTrucks Unlimited to expand on the success of the original store. California SuperTrucks will soon be moving its fabrication operations to a new larger building, at which time product availability will be much improved. Both stores will continue to carry a complete line of off-road related products, both with fabrication and installation facilities.

On a side note - if anyone needs STOCK replacement parts, such as stock springs, bumpers, driveshafts, etc, let me know - we've got tons of stuff that needs to go during the spring cleaning. You can reach me via e-mail at [email protected] - you can also post your requests at www.supertrucksunlimited.com - click on the bulletin board link. I'll try to post an inventory of stuff that we are getting rid of - some of it is new and has never been mounted - all of it sold CHEAP.



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Jeff, I was down at the new store yesterday. I dropped off a bunch new superduty products from our EDGE LINE.. The showroom looks great. Kevin will have his hands full but he is no stranger to danger... Everyone should drop in on Saturday and check it out..If it is anything like the original Supertrucks Grand opening it should be a fun day. Good luck.