Grand Opening of Green Fuel Solutions, Inc.


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Green Fuel Solutions, Inc., will be opening their business officially July 4th, 2009. GFS is a distributor for Green Eco Tek, Inc., located in Elizabethton, Tn. Retail and wholesale is available with online purchases available. GET manufactures the only true green(synthetic) fuel and oil additives. Eco Tek 1, the fuel additive is an ester blend that is:

• Biodegradable formula, Eco-Friendly.
• Globally Scalable - Ecologically Sustainable.
• Increases M.P.G. *Average of 22.8%.
• Reduces Emissions an Average of 53%; Up to 89%!
• Cetane boost of 2-4 points and higher.
• Octane boost of 0.7 points and higher.
• Reduces Engine Heat an Average of 46%, lubricates engine & seals.
• Increases horse power and performance.
• Reduced maintenance costs (increases engine life by 30-50%)
• Cleans the engine (injectors, combustion chambers, etc)
• Makes engines run smoother (reduces engine vibration & noise)
• Adds years of life to aged vehicles in your fleet.
• EcoTek-1 Fuel Enhancement becomes an ROI, not an extra expense!

ET-50™ the oil additive is:
MADE IN THE U.S.A has a patented metal lubricity technology, which uses heat and friction to produce a thermal reaction with the metal surface being treated. This phenomenon results in a change in the chemical composition of the metal surface, creating a new metallic compound that re-surfaces or re-plates the old surface, resulting in a reduction of surface tension. This new “metal boundary surface” is now free of most microscopic depressions, irregularities and friction points. The reduction of the metal-to-metal friction results in an improvement in all the fundamental operating efficiencies. Unlike lubricants that simply coat the metal surface, ET-50 forms a molecular bond that chemically reacts with the metal compound to create a remarkably strong surface that serves to drastically reduce friction, creating a significant reduction in heat and water. Not recommended for use with wet clutches.

For more information about these products, please visit:
email them at: or call Ben Jones at 865-366-0136.