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GRC Lites - Dominated by Dejong


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Pretty rad for Mitchell. he must be pretty stoked.


All-Time Lites Points Leaders*

Rank Driver Points Starts Pts./Race
Mitchell DeJong 570 14 38.0
2 Kevin Eriksson 406 13 31.2
3 Alejandro Fernandez 306 9 34
4 Geoff Sykes 301 14 21.5
5 Tyler Benson 295 12 24.6

All-Time Lites Heat Win Leaders

Rank Driver Heat Wins
Mitchell DeJong 16
2 Kevin Eriksson 12
3 Joni Wiman 8
4 Sebastian Eriksson 5
T5 3 drivers tied 2

All-Time Lites Race Win Leaders

Rank Driver Wins
Mitchell DeJong 7
2 Joni Wiman 6
3 Kevin Eriksson 2

Lites Consecutive Starts

Rank Driver Starts Streak Start Streak End
Mitchell DeJong 15 7/13, New Hampshire active streak
2 Geoff Sykes 14 7/13, New Hampshire 9/14, Seattle
3 Tyler Benson 12 8/13, Atlanta active streak
4 Kevin Eriksson 10 7/13, New Hampshire active streak
T5 Alejandro Fernandez 9 6/14, Austin active streak


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anyone know what DeJong is up to? I know he won gold at X Games in GRC Lites but was not at FT Lauderdale and is not listed in the GRC guides. Is he at Daytona?

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anyone know what DeJong is up to? I know he won gold at X Games in GRC Lites but was not at FT Lauderdale and is not listed in the GRC guides. Is he at Daytona?
He was signed to race GRC this year with Ford OSME... BUT it seems that on "media day", OMSE's team owner Andreas Erikson came up with a new contract that would put Dejong in a bad position, so he refused the contract. Big Balls eh? Drivers are always doing anything to have a car even if its a bad one.
Then OMSE hired Sebastian Erikson (a great swedish driver, champion in the Scandinavian RX series, the 3rd biggest rx series behind world and grc) and DeJong was putted on this long wait where no one knows what is happening.

Rumors that DeJong talked to RedBull (the company) about the problem.
Andreas is not a good guy. You can ask Brian Deegan and Ken BLock heheh
Andreas was suspended for 2 races in GRC for talking I failed spelling about GRC Board ... AND got current GRC champ Wiman really pissed when he ordered Wiman to leave the hospital to be on the track for the First Race. (Wiman was sick or injuried, I dont remember).

I'm not from US but I'm really hoping for some other team to take over OMSE's position in GRC (Maybe Penske? Joe Gibbs?). THey have done so much for the sport in US, but I think its time to go back to Euro-Scandinavian.

DeJong will try to find a ride for next year for sure


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Thank you for the update.
It really does seem like OMSE has full on monopoly on the sport in the US. How many of them Eriksons' are there anyways?

The DeJong's are good people and full of nothing but integrity. I hope to see him up there dominating again soon.

I like your way of thinking ALOT!!!
Sebastian Erikson is not related! Just same last name. Lots of Eriksons in Sweden.. (swedish version of Johnson? haha)
Kevin Erikson (2014 WorldRX lites champ and P1 in Scandinavian RX SuperCars this year) and Oliver Erikson (doing GRC Lites) are the two Andrea's sons