Great head

Mike @ pit b

I was thinking something different.

That for your 450 or the 650 and what did they do exactly?


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Ouu.. shinny.

bet that thing flows nice.. rough intake to keep the air mixed up going in and super smooth for fast exit..

I like

Chase 2

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When did Paul move out of his garage in Canyon Country and out to Ontario?

His did a great job on my son's CRF250x's head.

I too recommend Agent Smith aka AS


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quanta mas? did the head work cost?

Total Loss

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I heard AS makes a good head.
He gets my biz when my head needs some polishing.


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AS Does give great head (work) and his shops additional capabilities like wheel building / lacing, jetting and engine work fully round out the benefits of a one stop shop.


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Yep - both on the bike and in the truck! Wanna join in on the fun, love to have ya? On the road this week (actually a lot lately), but shoot me an email


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Well, after a lil break in it runs really well!...5th gear wheelies with the 15/ 47 dez gearing :) {only 4th before, barely]
I had to fatten her up a bit, 180 main. Im really impressed!
Thank you ASR!


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wow... i bet he could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch...

that thing is purdy!