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great weekend


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well, pulled it off. went to the long jump/pit crew comp. thursday night, tecj at laughlin friday, teck at parker friday night, pitted 11 brothers saturday at parker, returned to laughlin saturday night and watched ebberts crash hard subday!

my observations...

1-sal, it was tupid to change the date. i don't care waht the chamber of commerce said. the hole looks good in your foot from the folks at parker.

2-while there were lots of cars at parker, many complained about course markings and the gauntlet had very few workers to right cars and the blm folks yelled at you if you went out to help!

3-pciscott- i felt for you. i saw shades of the outlaw protruck when you finished sunday(on fire) ansd none of the folks at the finish line had a fire extinguisher! "over the scanner-"can we gat an ambulance up here at start/finish so we can use their fire extingusher..." honest to god. this just proves how amateur the promoter is in this professional sport.

4-300 car fields are possible when people can get together and work things out. as it stands right now, there are too many promoters, and that fact alone is killing this sport.

5-noone should have to pay to watch the paint dry at the pit crew challenge. you couldn't see [censored] from the stands because some bozo decided the best way to light the competition was to shine the 1000 watt halogens into the eyes of the spectators.

6-ebberts jimco crash was hard and the car drove away(slight bend to rear of cage)...baldwins truck crash was minor in comparison and they will sell it for scrap metal. whats up with that?

7-there were almost as many cars in the 1/2-1600 class at parker as there were at the whole laughlin enchilada. makes you have to go hhhmmmmmm.....

8-the folks on freeloader hill were pretty tame sunday, heard it was different saturday, but not as bad as last year. but what is with all the trash? we filled bags uplast year on sunday, this year looked way worse. why don't the cops give litterers an option-fill the bag up and put it in the dumpster or sign the bottom of this ticket? got that one from a peace officer himself...

9-all the 4wd in the world and they still haven't figured out how to air down!!!

10- all those who thought the tow guys were being unreasonable, hey, they unlocked my car door for free after my kid shut the keys in there! and they did it for free! said they were making plenty of money on hook ups on the hill!!!

hope the folks who crashed at parker all get better, especially the only class 3 jeep entrants. beautiful jeep, shame it got wadded up. hope everyone recovers.


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Thank you Martin and your son for all the help at parker .yes it was A great weekend .11 Brothers racing ,1st place .It was 30 years ago I went to this race to watch my uncle race .It was the NORRA Dam 500 in 1972 .30 years later I got the chance to win it .Thanks Dennis ,11 Brothers racing


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Congrats Dennis!

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Krittro Campbell
They should send the picture over to Sal Fish too and show him how many cars he could have in a race if he cooperated.


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this is a good point, and i hope sal may have learned something.

sal-if you read this thread-please hear the posters, a common theme has emerged. laughlin in the summer when the river can also be used. i think this weekend proves that everyone still recognizes parker as the first race of the year, period. why don't you promoters get together and hash out this calendar b.s. and cooperate. there are too many promoters and too many races, period. i was reading something from jean calvin last night after i got back from laughlin...from 1981! she was complaining about all the races on the calendar-over 80 within a 500 mile drive (desert and shortcourse) for the year and was pleading with the promoters to figuer something out so racing could return to the large car turnouts. it benefits everyone because less races means less impact on the desert, which helps our cause with the feds and tortoise huggers. score has the name and the baja, now show the brain to get things back on track.


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Parker was awesome! Thanks again to Dennis for the ride, you're an awesome driver! Thank you Martin for your pit support and Laughlin update, Thanks to F.A.I.R. and Pro Surface Cleaners- See you next weekend @ Barstow- Scott


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Parker was awesome, and the turn out was even better.

I thought Whiplash did an excellent job of marking the course including the Gauntlet. I also thought staging went extremely well even though we had to wait so long on the street. I was sorry to hear that a few guys had to be air lifted out of the race. I hope they are all doing well.

Chad Ragland


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"They should send the picture to Sal Fish too and show him how many cars he could have in a race if he cooperated" ....... Hold on, Einstein, dig up your local newspaper, (any one will do), from the 12th of September, 2001.... We'll wait...... OK, Got it? OK, now slowly, so the whole class can hear, read what is on the cover. OK, we don't have all day, just read the small words. See the pictures? Look inside the paper..... No, don't stop to look at the comics, we don't have that kind of time. Look in the sports section for the results of all sporting events from the day before.... Gee, everything was cancelled. And every televised event in stadiums for the coming weekend were cancelled nationwide, to be rescheduled, without consulting with SCORE..... Right about now a large light bulb should be going off in your head. Do you see this light? Yes, of course you do. That light is called REALITY. Deal with it.


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twillis- i think the idea behind the post was that this scheduling snafu should have never occurred, period. i have heard 2 stories about the date change and one says sal had no choice and the other has sal making racers pick a promoter afetr they have already committed to a race date. either way, sal should have either left the date alone or picked another date instead of what occurred. the race went on at primm after teh 11th and the world is a better place for it. everyone one i talked to, everyone, said they could have placed a wager on the superbowl at laughlin and watched it on motor tvs and video tapes. just because the nfl decides to change a date, everyone else is suppose to suffer for it? either way, these races should have never occurrred on the same weekend.


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Tom your too funny dude.Yes Parker was great it was our first time and we ran Midway for F.A.I.R. got to work on alot of cars and see a great race contingencey was way cool we were right on the river and the weather was awsome.We plan on racing it next year.Congrats to Robert and Dennis you guys are alot of fun to watch and hang out with .See ya this weekend in Barstow. Bill


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Well, We also pulled it off. We finished 2nd in class 1 and 2nd overall at parker. A perfect run. no problems. While racing parker, Martin Cristensen drove the old beam car in Laughlin in class 1 (and his car in class 10 ).He finished 11th in the Unlimited and 3rd in the 10 car (by 5 sec). Not bad!
After Parker, thinking Sal would let us run the Jimco in Laughlin on Sunday, We immediatly began a quik prep before it went in the trailor. We had no flats so the tires were still good...lol. This had all been pre-approved per Bill Savage. But on Sat. night the word was Absolutely NOT!
So we loaded up everything and headed to laughlin to Prepare for a spanking in the "PEMEX PRERUNNER". Chuck was first unlimited off the line and managed a 7th out of it. Martin ended the weekend with a 2nd in class 10 (10 seconds out of first) .
So AllwaysRacing had a GREAT weekend.
Thanks to the whole team and everyone that helped.