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Apr 10, 2001
Big Bear,Ca.
good thing i read the local paper! saw that there was going to be a meeting that occured today at 9 am in running springs about the grant request by the berdoo natl forest for the upcoming grant year. i read this friday night about 10pm. seems there was not a lot of pre meeting advertising of this prgram, possibly because of the changes made to the green sticker guidelines by gray davis and the eco board running the green sticker fund now.
let me give you the jist of the changes-according to the letter from the forest service-" the request will be considered under under the new state's new funding regulations, which allow for increased investment in resource conservation measures." these ore some of the items the green sticker funds are going to be used for: environmental education, law enforcement, visitor assistance, public safety patrols, wildlife habitat and soil monitoring, cultural resource protection, trail maintenance, signing, volunteer coordination,informational materials, trash colection, resource improvement projects. notice there is absolutely nothing mentioned about green sticker route expansion or development? the forest is submitting rant requests from green sticker funds in the sum of $439,879.00. this incudes the majority of funding for 7 ohv staff members. there are 4 botanist staff members with the majority of funding coming from green sticker funds. 5 forest staff support positions, 8 law enforcement psition and operation funding for said positions, these are for the most part, people who will not actually be doing ohv work. $279,675.00 dollars of the grant are for staffing positions. it is ridiculaous to spend green sticker money in a forest that in reality, does not support ohv use.
i met one of the folks who works in the ohv support program. his name is greg hoffman. a nice guy who believes in multiple use as ong as it is done responsibly, but he is an employee and does not want to bite the hand that feeds him. he is open and honest and seems to be a good guy. he wants to work with offroaders to try to come up with solutions to the problems we face, but he has been through the head banging process just like us, so he has no expectations of his employer to do the right thing.
one of the things that surprised me is that the forest, which butts up against the western mojave desert, is not too up on the wemo plan and the cbd lawsuit. they are unaware of some of the items named in the suit that will directly affect forest land. it may seem that some of the environmental groups are swinging deals and land trades that appear like a savior for ohv and offroad use, but they do not take into account the cbd suit.
some of the things i learned from greg were that the offroaders using the cactus flats staging area
were acting in an irresposible manner. seems they like to tow the portipotti around behing their trucks and also turn it into a motorcycle jump. atleast they haven't burnt it up yet! fortunately he believes that only 3% of teh ohv folks are evil and not all offroaders should pay for their idiocy. nice to hear someone from the other side that is not brainwashed to 'the way'. he is open to suggestions and with some help, he thinks we can get some expansion of green sticker routes in the forest. he admits it will be a tough battle. so i need your help. people with green sticker vehicles who would like to have the oppurtunity to use them on a continuos trail in the forest, please write your thoughts and send them to me. i will forward them in a package to greg to show that there is support for something like this. the forest claims there is no public outcry for more access or trail needs for green sticker vehicles. in the letter, include the facts that there is no continuos trail from the cactus flast staging area to the green sticker routes in holcomb valley and beyond. without a contious route, there is little for the green sticker vehicle to do but run in circles at the staging area. include the number of green sticker vehicles you own and number of times you would like to visit the area if it afforded the access and oppurtunity to use your vehicles. also, mention the fact that since the forest receives green sticker funds, it would be fair to offer realistic ohv opportunities for ohv users.please don't make this a political letter. it won't be needed in that capacity. those may come later.
sorry for the long windedness, but this is an opportunity to gain something instead of giving something up for a change. martin

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