Green Sticker rip offs


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Apr 10, 2001
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Big Bear,Ca.
Well, here is the latest that your Green Sticker Funds have been spent on. The OHV Commission decided it was ok to spend millions from the Buffer zone fund for Prarie City on about 4000 acres more than 5 miles from Prarie City OHV Park. The money had been saved and earmarked to purchase land around the park to prevent the future battles that would occur when developers started to build witin earshot of the park and folks would start to whine for closure of the park. Apparently the Green Stacked commission felt this property was too god to pass up, even though it does nothing to protect the future of Prarie City. Lets hope with a recall that some changes occur on the OHV Commission to bring the leadership back to the people who pay for OHV access and away from the hijackers in the econazi community who are now using our own funds against us.