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Greetings, all.

Discussion in 'Hello, My name is _______' started by Wireflight, Apr 29, 2012.

  1. Wireflight

    Wireflight New Member

    Apr 29, 2012
    Norway, MI
    - I'm Havaneiss Dei. It's pronounced "have a nice day." If you prefer, you may construe that as a pseudonym; whatever you elect won't offend me.

    - My experience in desert racing grew out of childhood motorcycling in quarries and dunes, and evolved from that.

    - I found this website while using a search engine, but it's almost 5:30AM on a Sunday where I am; I've been working about two hours on trying to get this posted and I'm not as young as once I was, so your guess as to what I was searching for is probably as good as mine. I do know that I wasn't searching specifically for a desert-racing forum.

    - My current rides include a pair of Chevy Astros (one for comfort, one for finding places that didn't exist before I got there).

    - My future plans in respect to desert racing are likely limited to authoring the commemoration of my youthful exploits and experiences in one or more books on racing, to share with others some of the things I've learned (and occasionally, enjoyed).

    - Family IS my life: nothing else really matters. I do what I can to help those around me, and I don't beat myself up when there is work left undone: as long as I put forth an honest effort, my conscience is clean.

    - I do try to be courteous, gracious, gentlemanly; in no way does that suggest a lack of either decisiveness or testosterone on my part.

    - I am an honorably-discharged veteran -- and while some will automatically think highly of me for that fact, and others will hate me for that fact; frankly, I don't care either way: there's only a handful of people who really have a clue what I did, and of those, maybe a couple whose judgment I would even consider. Having so stated, if I had then known what I now know, I wouldn't have served at all -- but my personal honor is more important to me than the dishonor brought upon this country by its self-destructive policies and the wanton idiocy of the electorate mass, so I attended my job with all the service excellence humanly possible to have given it.

    - I hate (yes, I know what that word means) spammers, spamming and all the crap that we have to put up with in an effort to protect ourselves from spam. Hate, hate, hate! I hate filling out forms, and I hate being asked to post information about my private life in order to satisfy the self-appointed gods who oversee forums in which I wish to participate. I'm not the sharpest spoon in the drawer, but I'm nowhere close to being the dullest, either.

    - I seldom post messages, but when I do, I try to lay a proper foundation for whatever conclusion I have reached, so that there isn't a lot of Q&A or blow-for-blow posting; consequently, my original posts tend to be longer than the average posted by the (imho, "air-headed") "me, too" crowd.

    - I don't care what flag you wave or what brand you ride, what music you listen to, what videos you watch or to what forums you belong: don't ram it down my throat and I won't ram it down yours. Regardless whether others have the wisdom to appreciate the rectitude of my contributions, all my current opinions (without respect to when such were formed, published, etc.) are correct; each opinion of another is suspect until I have determined its merit.

    - If you make an honest effort to share helpful info with others, then I think you're probably okay; if you bully others, you're likely to arouse my ire (which may result in my informing you of what a colossal ass you're being). If you come across as a sycophant, I'll most likely ignore you (but that's no guarantee that I will).

    - Perhaps I have misunderstood what is intended by the administrators to be conveyed through the comments "We try to have a user base that is rather tight and knows each other then allow any new user to post and remain anonymous. By having you make these extra steps we hope to get closer to arching the goal of having a tight desert racing family online," but (a) the verbiage seems to contradict itself, and (b) the concept of a tightly-knit virtual community seems on its face absolutely absurd. Nevertheless, I will add this:

    - It is a near certainty that I will not happen upon one or more of the forum members while racing across the desert, and in such unlikely event, it is similarly improbable that I would learn that such person or persons and I are together members in this forum. The likelihood of such an encounter might be increased if one or the other of us was distressed (and perhaps greatly increased if the circumstance of our meeting involved shared catastrophe); however, such membership would not rightly curry any favor:

    - By all persons of conscience, to whomever is in need of assistance, aid -- timely and with all the excellence of quality the responder/provider is able to muster -- freely comes, without demand for compensation of any kind: Christian charity manifests from each according to his abundance, to each according to his need. However unusual might be such behavior, such is not truly novel: indeed, the description is a restatement of the mariner's code adopted from the common practice of noblemen, whose actions were driven not by concerns for profit but by gladness for the occasion to help another or others.
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