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I am Gordon. My profile is filled out.

My father-in-law started racing in SCORE/HDRA in 1987 in 5 Unlimited. I rode in the right seat quite a bit. He raced consistently into the early 90's. We sold racing gas as well for awhile to help fund the racing. I only drove once, in a 1/2-1600 at the 1995 Baja 1000 (1200 miles). Finished about 8 hours behind the mighty Porter Racing team. It was an awesome experience. Met some nice locals in the silt beds down by Sante Fe after I got stuck trying not to run over one of those Japanese adventure tourists that had bought vacation packages that included a ticket to San Diego, a motorcycle rental and an entry in the race. The locals pushed me out, offered me and the dehydrated Japanese guy tequila, took my offered $20 (best 20 I ever spent) and stole my spare off the back of the car while I belted in. Aw, good times. Baja really is a spectacular place, and I miss it.

I am in the Northwest now, no off road racing up here, just some rallying. I vow to return to the track someday, probably in a 1/2-1600 again in the 1000.