Greg in the new Unlimited magazine!


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We just received the new (Marlboro) Unlimited magazine today and, in the "why I drive what I drive" column is an article named "Sand man". The article is all about Greg Gagnon's "prerunner". A very well written story in a nationally published magazine about a desert rat!

I was impressed again! The very same magazine published a very good story about Johnny Campbell racing in the Baja 2000 (with a very nice cover shot of the bike blasting through Baja) a few years ago.
I cannot condone tobacco smoking (nobody can anymore-political statement over),BUT, this magazine is a very entertaining read and has shown the people that what we do out in the desert is a lot of fun.

Congratulations on your engagement, and your magazine debut!

I will buy you and your bride to be a beverage at the Tree Bar this weekend. Thanks for helping out our sport!

Brian Shannon.

(I'll wear a name tag so you can find me)


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Wow, Im glad it came out, I still haven't seen the finished article. It was fun doing all the stuff with those guys and the photographers got a good ride. They said it was better than shooting WRC stuff (these guys shoot for big name mags like Forbes and Vogue too). It was difficult trying to explane everything to the author , Max, as he isnt from an automotive background, but man he put his 100% into the article. As for Primm this weekend, we aren't gonna make it, too much to do at Rialto. but thankyou very much for the offer.