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Grounding your vehicle while fueling???

Yes, a conventional dump can we all use. Some have a plastic closure, some are metal. Sometimes I end with both kinds. The material at the dump can opening does not matter. What matters is direct contact with the fill nozzle. That is called BONDING.
Be aware that fueling towers are a different subject and they have their own design and cautions. I have watched a lot of these towers being setup and taken down and they look pretty complicated and extremely well though out.
The dry break nozzle is a good thing as it wont even work unless it is bonded. Inside that device is a check valve the only opens when it correctly engages the trucks filler = Bonding. Dry break units are expensive and required for a high pressure setup like a tower. It is a proven design. We use them for aircraft filling and in many aerospace and missile systems. We call those connectors "Make before brake".
Dump cans for NASCAR and dry break for Indy and F1. And both for off road.
I would like to see a video of NASCAR dump cans being filled. Oh well - to lazy to search.
Thank You. I get lost on some of the terminology. I appreciate you helping me.


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I can tell you one thing with the dry break moto cans, is to make sure they don't leak at the bottom, take care to keep them clean and serviced when needed, sand and crap can get in places it shouldn't. Oh, and make sure the stand has a hole in the bottom.
I have even had a few of them ignite when I picked it up out of the stand.


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this is why when you have the option to or buy a fuel hose for the transfer tank in the back of the truck you can get them with a static wire built in or without. buy the one with. thats also what a fuel station has.
Dry desert dirt is not a ground. Like said previously... A bonding connection is what you want. Some of you may remember the Mark Miller in flight refueling... The pumper truck dragged a cable on on the pavement for static discharge.
Stick a grounding rod in the ground and pour some water around where you put it in. That will give you the best earth ground. Then connect the fuel probe and truck grounding system to that rod. That's about the best ground you can get.