Group T and Turbos


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Quick question....

I've seen the Eco Boost truck running in VORRA, is it really running an Eco Boost motor?
I guess my next question would be, since that's technically a motor that's produced by Ford,
that it's legal?

I know at one point turbos and superchargers were a no-no, but are they now legal in Group T?
Or even 1450?

And please I wasn't trying to pick on the Eco Boost guys, just a purely curios. Maybe the VORRA forum would be a
better place to ask.

Thanks ahead of time,


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Same goes for BITD too. The racers and organizers have allowed the Eco Boost into the class.

Us Toyota guys have been trying to get BITD and VORRA to let us run superchargers to keep up but that hasn't gone over too well yet. I guess Toyota needs to support BITD more.


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I was just asking the question, I have no dog in the fight. Just happened to be at the Fallon race and saw the truck.
I've heard guys doing the Supra motors in pre run trucks, but I'm not sure I'd ever seen one at an actual race.


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I asked some of the guys that always race BITD about the eco boost and why it is allowed and we cannot run the super charger. While they have no say so in us running the super charger, the eco boost is allowed because the turbo is installed from the factory and sold as a factory item on the engine. Ford is a big sponsor for BITD as well.


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wait didn't TRD make a supercharger that was an optional add on? It was a factory installed option for 4runners/pickups with a 3.4 in the late 90s/early 2000s and they make decent/reliable power. I would way rather run a roots blower then a turbo in the dirt as well.

I never understood why this isnt allowed since it still doesnt touch the danzio-tuned ecoboost by the numbers. I could see it flying at VORRA if group T racers voted it in, BITD is a whole different story.

The fact Ford is the only company allowed to run forced induction is BS and everyone knows it, that one stupid exception all but killed 7200 class for anyone not wanting to run a ford body. Seriously floors me to this day...


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There was some talk on the turbo issue at the annual drivers meeting and I think there are going to be some changes although I am not sure what the final verdict was regarding which class might have changes