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Guam Protruck Race


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Alright now, how many of you are going the the Protruck race in Guam? Maybe we can get an RDC party going for this race! LOL

EJR Racing #244


Guam Sucks.

Been there. Would not go back.

It's an extremely long plane flight through Honolulu. Over 10 hours.

Why not do this in Hawaii? There are many, many gearheads there and tons of off-roaders.

Hated by Eco-Freaks and Bob Yen.


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Have not heard for sure if it is a go or not definately. According to what I know through my team, A high roller from Guam in addition to the Guam govt (dept of tourism) is funding a good part of the costs for the racers to enter the race. I am told that Guam sources are paying to have the trucks shipped, in addition to providing several plane tickets and race fuel. All I know for sure is that at this point our team, EJR Racing, Protruck #244 (2001 Baja 500 Champions) will be racing in Guam, if the race is actually held.

EJR Racing #244


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I was talking to the red bull team and they said that they were not going because they may not be able to get the truck back in time for one of the races that is on the pro-truck list. It's a long boat ride for the truck



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Hey Junior, if you guys go over there, be sure to be careful on how the truck is sent. A real good friend of ours was on the first NHRA tour to Japan with his pro-stock bike. Everything was OK going over, but when everything came back, everyone had racecars of solid rust. His bike was so rusted, that they couldn't roll the bike out of the container because the chain wouldn't budge. The bike's frame was a complete write off, and I know that one of the fuelers had to toss their chassis. The next year they soaked it down with motor oil, and everything was a lot better, but he still lost all his tools to rust. Just wanted to let you know. Hope you guys can make it, sounds pretty cool.