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guess who needed my help at the baja500


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Baja Karma - doesn't mater who you are, it's good to do the right thing.


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Selfie game STRONG! So much win! Good job Pete. I can't wait to hear this story.


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Not sure what's more surprising, Pete helping Robby, or Robby prerunning in flip flops?


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The Baja is so powerful that it heals wounded relationships, me and my friend fight all year about stupid stuff and then we get down to Baja and everything is fine.......


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I've lost all sense of reality . Next were the Boston Red Sox and NY Yankees are becoming one team .lmao

Baja Paty

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It's a love and hate relationship for the BFF's , the brotherhood of offroad, leave no one behind! See ya tommorow, maybe I can get a selfie too!


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Did he have his bodyguards this time. Figures he broke down. You're a better man than me. Good luck, hope the karma helps you big time.

punchdrunk monkey

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Darn, and I though it was going to Jerry....

El Mamito USMC

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fun of win this pic