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Gus Vildosola TT


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i was curious about gus vidisolas trophy truck or was that his prerunner it didnt look to fast at laughlin and it looked street legal? also what happend to herder haven't seen his truggy around lately whens its next race date that thing is sweet?

John Bitting

Vildosola was running a friends prerunner. It is the copy of the one built by stewarts raceworks. It was built by Curry Fabrications using Craigs blue prints. Came out pretty nice for half the price. He was running just to get points until his truck is ready, that will be San Felipe. Also that is why Skilton was running his old class 3, just to get points. Herder won class 10 in parker this weekend. So he was racing just not his truggy.


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I hate to change the tone here, but the driver of the "Vildosola TT" sure did a stupid stunt right in front of the main bleachers on Sunday. He tried to do a Nascar style donut (usually reserved for winners) within about 18 to 20 feet of the first row. He ended up spraying dirt, sand and rocks everywhere and up high into the bleachers. He also shot some this crud at point blank range right into the faces of some general public viewers and a couple of very young boys. While they were screaming and crying with their mother, the father went down near the finishers staging area and told the bonehead what he had done. The driver did have enough sense to follow him back (on the other side of the fence of course) and apologize to the two boys. He made a pathetic joke of an apology and then walked back waiving to the crowd again as if he had won the race. Mr. your no winner! The crowd was loudly booing you all the way. The only thing that saved your hide was the fence and the police woman. You singlehandedly could have started a small riot with your sick behavior, not to mention jeopardizing future events. Someone from the Hunter Race Team, who were sitting above the others, went and bought the two boys SCORE hats. This was a class act and helped to ease tensions. The SCORE officials will know about this. You have proven that we aren't the only ones who go to another country, act arrogant and do stupid things.

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