GUYS? This NORRS series is for real!


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Jun 2, 2008
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El Cajon.Ca
OK I will be the first to say I thought NORRS was in Quoit from Curt Laduck sunday at perris PDG test Its the Roger Rabbit series, it all sounded like someone’s idea of a joke? Well if it’s a joke someone has gone over and above and should be nominated for an academy award! (sorry Curt but Laduck was funny)
The fact is they are holding their first race next month and it will be filmed for CBS and shown the next weekend.!
The entries are fare and I think a 95% pay back.
Don’t get any idea I am not 100% supporting RJs TORC and the PDG, I am.
But I also support our sport too 100%
so if NORRS has our support at the first race BY SIMPLY SHOWING UP? it will work!!
It’s for us!! To do what we love to do RIGHT? Race like escaped retards from the funny farm
Let’s Show we as racers in short course off road welcome some new blood! Not to mention I would bet this is not cheep to do $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ???
I hope you reading this will not form your opinion until after you go and race next month?
We all know this will be there first time and stuff is going to go wrong?
But this can be fun new racing AIRED on CBS. And that’s cool!!!

OK I know you the readers love to pick up the rocks and stone me
But this time I want you to post positive Ideas ONLY for a change? please
Ideas that would make you or the others want to come and race the first race.
This series is a fresh white canvas!! paint something cool

I thought having some UFC fighting or concerts from top artiest and car shows
The last years of CORR was great but the fans just needed more the mid way kind of sucked and nothing much for the teens or kids our future in this sport to keep them off the pit bikes and running over people
OK now throw some good stuff what would you like to see?
Be careful what you wish for it just could happen?