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H&M Class 7 unlimited Truck


That F-150 4-door is sweet! Where do I sign up to win one? Ha, Ha!




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The Jones, Holmes truck has only entered two races (2001 TT250 and Baja 500) and experienced overheating and engine failure in the first 50 miles or so. The problem was a plumbing problem that has been solved. By the way the truck had never been on the dirt before the TT250 so it was really just a test session. The problem was thought to be a head flaw, and a new motor was built. Again with no real test time they took it to the 500 and had the same problem and then discovered the real culprit, plumbing. The truck should have been tested toughly before being entered in a race but there just wasn't enough time, which is one of the reasons for not going to the V2R. The truck is really a nice work, it just needs to be dialed in. Scott Jones has been racing since the mid 70's (before most of you were born I'd bet) and has multiple Baja 1000, Baja 500, Mint 400 and other major race wins including a Score Class Championship in 5-1600 when 30 to 45 cars raced every race. John Holmes started racing with Scott in the early 80's and has an equally impressive record. Having partnered with both of them over the years in several different classes, I can tell you, Jeff, they will give "Turner a run for his money" both in his current truck and the new one. I would put John Holmes' driving ability up against anyone in off-road racing. You should remember that it took Turner awhile to get his program up to speed and I am sure the new truck will also experience some new truck blues.



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I wonder what was wrong with Turner's old truck? Is he selling it or running a two truck campaign? Anyone, anyone?

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