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Hand Brake Help


We installed a hand brake in our truck before last weekends Lorrs regional race, the plumbing was installed in line between the master mid point on the way back to the rear calipers. We have bled and bled and I get pressure only after pumping the peddle. Any input on this would be appreciated. Thanks


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Do you have access to a power bleeder ? Have you bled the hand brake assembly, in both directions ?

jon coleman

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Remember John I'm a dumb contractor.
thats All I've ever worked for( hmmmmm, not good come back), a residual brake pressure check valve, keeps the pressure& volume from dropping too low, start with a 2 psi Before hand brake- rear calpers.of course i had one floating around for twenty years, looked for it, cant find it.are you running a cnc indevidual mastercyl set up? if so just put RPV right at master cyl.ill look some more.