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Hanging Bedsides


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Right now i'm running front and rear glass on my daily driver and i was going to get rid of the bed core and just build some supports to hang my bedsides from. Is there a general rule of thumb as far as how many supports to use or how many dzus faste\ners to have. Is it practical as my daily driver to have dzus fasteners holding the bed on and for everyday freeway driving.



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Use some bolt's too if you run dzus's! Or you may come out of a movie or something to find them gone.

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Gabe Lara

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As long as your mounting arms are solid to the frame rails, the dzus tabs have a good solid weld on them to the mounting arms, and your dzus fasteners are riveted and peened (sp?) nice and flat, you shouldn't have any problems with them. Just take a look at some racetrucks as an example of how many and where to mount them. Usually 3 up front along the "bed" edge, one in front of and behind the wheel well, and another 2 or 3 near the tailight. Daily driver? Not a problem.....As long as they're mounted good and strong, they ain't going anywhere.

Hope this helps!