Happy Birthday AZBAJAMAN


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Happy birthday to the most amazing man I could ever ask for. Thanks for being there for me and our children. I love you and wish you the best day ever.


DA Meatball


Mizzy Mario! Happy B-Day Brotha MANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D


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Happy Birthday Mario...next time we end up at Plaster City at the same time come visit the blue Isuzu and I'll hook you up with a cold one!!!


Feliz Cumpleaños hermano!

We know you're busy working and all, but don't be a stranger on here!..... For your birthday, make the trip to Ridgecrest this weekend!


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Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D


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How does it feel to be 21 again???

Hope you have a great birthday my amigo!!!!


Happy 21st Birthday Mario!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bwaahahaaahaahahaaa LOL

Okay maybe I am off on the number but Happy Birthday.


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happy B-DAY buddy hope all those goat ropers take care of ya on your day

Mary Kay

Happy Birthday Mario, hope you have a great day with your family and friends:)


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happy b-day Mario

have fun today

Baja Chika

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well dad what can i say to make your birthday special....i love you and even though your getting old you'll still be funny and energetic like ME! :) you'll always be numbero uno in my heart! your my hero, my idol, my best friend, and most importantly my father! you've put up with all my crap. you've taught me soo much, you've made me a stronger and better person. there's just not enough words for me to explain to everyone how much i love you and how grateful i am to have you as a father. i hope you enjoy your birthday and have an amazing time this weekend when you head out to partyy :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Baja Beauty

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What can i say dad your becoming an old man now. Well no matter how old or embarrasing you are in public I will always love you. You know that if tata was here with us today he would be proud of you for all the things you've done and went through and he would even be the first one to call you this morning and tell you Happy Birthday. Another thing dad, you are my idol even when you act like a comedian in public making fun of others and saying your real job is a professional singer I realize how I am glad you are my dad! Dad, I am also glad to be here with you and living with you then where I use to be in the past. I love you. So I just wanted to say Happy Birthday Big Daddy' O! Dad remember you are always and will be the other half of my heart that keeps me going and encouraging me to be stronger and confident!

Jenny (Budda)