Happy Birthday


Mar 22, 2001
Trinidad and Tobago
I'd like to explain something to the community regarding this thread.

A friend pointed out that this is one of the milder songs performed by the artist Toby Keith. That right after September 11, 2001 he had a smash hit that was a bit over the top in the patriotic department. Calling for us (Americans) to kick some ass and get the job done so to speak. The artist Toby Keith is completely unfamiliar to me.

What happened in the early morning hours of July 4th in my life story was that I myself felt patriotic. I stood on my balcony and looked into the abyss, the dark sky and imagined what may have happened that day in 1776. Thats when I though about sharing the first youtube song that matches "Happy birthday America" on RDC....and thats what came up. I listened to the first few verse rhymes and copy pasted the link. That moment I felt grateful for the ground I stand on including all what is wrong and all that is great about it.

If I stand in Jamaica or Sweden or Uruguay or anywhere where life is relatively safe and secure on their independence day I might actually feel the same and join the local party. I love the place I call home today and love to celebrate it with others that feel the same. If you see Toby Keith as a hillbilly redneck loony gone too far....well then please let it not be a reflection on how I see myself. I simply liked this song that moment and was quick to post it.



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Dec 5, 2007
Big Bear, CA
Little trivia- The Declaration of Independence was voted on on July 2, 1776 and approved on July 4, 1776. It was signed later in August after many of the signers were actually elected and sent to the first Congress. America then slowly entered war against Britain. Britain finally surrendered and America obtained it's Freedom from the King on October 19, 1781. The Constitution was signed on September 17, 1787 but it was not ratified by the 9th state to make it official until June 21, 1788 and it was set to become the Law of the Land on March 4, 1789. There are many dates to celebrate in the building of this great Country, a country like no other on the planet at the time or ever since. Many countries now try to build a better Republic, but none have.