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Room 29 wishes everyone a Happy Halloween!

Why don't skeleton's play music in churcy?

I'll post the punch line in a little while.



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Baja Waldo, since both you and Jen are Special Ed Teachers, do you work together? Just curious? My wife is Certified as a Special Ed Teacher also. You guys are a special breed.


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Jr - Jen works in Joshua Tree or Landers, I can't remember. I work in Garden Grove. I always say that you have to be a little special ed to teach special ed!

The joke was supposed to say>>>"Why don't skeleton's play music in church
Here is the answer to my dumb joke!>>>"Because they have no organs!" Ha-Ha-Ha

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I stole it off another page so hopefully they don't mind!!!

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That pumpkin is the greatest, Khris! Baja Waldo...I work in Riverside now and you're right about having to be a little "special" to work in Special Ed! JR I WISH anyone at my school had even the slightest bit of interest in the offroad thing! Lest anyone think I'm educated or anything let me clarify that, although I spend my work days TEACHING I am not a certificated "Special Ed teacher"...I'm just an instructional assistant. What are everyone's plans for the holiday? I'm making little cocktail weenies and bbq sauce and we're watching scary movies. Yeah Halloween! P.S. Robert, you're lucky! I looked all over town for a pumpkin today and NO ONE had any left :(

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Sorry J-Dirt! It's the special ed in me. You came from that neck of the woods if I recall.

I am spending the night with all my women, Oh-Yeah!! Grandma (my mom), wife, little girl, dog & cat (both are girls), and Chinese food!!!



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Great pic. I stole it from you to.

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I've got glass tonight at the college until after 7:00. After that I think I may be going to a bigHalloween party at one of my friends house.

Gabe Lara

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Happy Halloween to everyone as well!
I'll be cavorting around in the Hollywood/ West Hollywood locale with some friends....Everyone be safe!
Stay tuned for some pics!