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harbor freight tools that don't suck

randy s

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this could be a short thread but you never know.


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Could be really short. haha. But I've had a 3/8" air angle drill, & 1/2" air gear drive reversible drill. Had them both for 17 years, though neither get used much any more, they still work well. Everything else I've had, sucked bad! Drill press wasn't that bad for 1/2" & smaller holes.


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I liked my 2 ton aluminum jack, but of course it went flying out of the truck while prerunning the 500.

One tool I always load up on there is the step drill bits. Yeah they're cheap but they still work and the pricey ones don't seem to work much better IMO.

Their little 40" sheetmetal break gets small jobs done ok.

I have an engine hoist and engine stand that perform just fine as well.


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No matter how cool a shop or race car is, there is always a harborfreight jack stand in there someplace...
I have about ten sets .Also the tall pipe jack stands they had about eight years ago I have a gaggle of those to.The 90 deg air tool with the 1/4 collet have twenty or so of them with every thing from sander to die grinder so cheep you dont need to change the bit or tool.I also made the HF porta power into a trans jack (so I can put the turbo 400 in myself) and with the small hyd table it works awesome!


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I like to hand out sockets instead of steekers while prerunning.

randy s

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They make great tools to loose out of your chase bag in Baja............
exactly..or stolen by local "race fans" when they're trying to "help" you. that way the locals get to see what pieces of chit tools harbor freight has too without cruisin' very far from the shed. we get most of our tools for the racetruck there, bag and all. that way you don't feel like slitting your wrists when you lose em'. it's not like you had a razor knife or anything sharp enough anyway any more though huh?


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20 ton air jack works great,got it for the car hauler and use it as a porta power more than a jack $80
Real handy in the pits instead of a giant sledg


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20 gallon air compressor from them that has run perfect for over 15 years.
Motorcycle lift works great for all kinds of jobs.
Portable winch I carry in my van, never used it for that but it has pulled a couple large tree stumps out of my yard,works good hooked up to a portable jump starter.

DC Racing

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Just started buying Zip-Ties from them, $1.99 on sale for a hundred instead of $15 at the hardware store. So far so good. Harbor Freight rules.


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X2 on the step bits you can get a set of three for $10!

Everything in my chase bag is HF, cheap to replace and does the job (at least once).

CYS Motorsports

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I got my WOOGA horn from Harbor Freight, it still works.

But the horn makes a WOOG noise instead of WOO-GA.

Oh well........


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i use the step bits with out any problems. work fine.
i have there ball joint press. works great.
pry bar set. so far so good.
there chop saw for $50. so far so good.
there $9 digital caliper that has worked great.
and a bunch of hand tools for the tool bags that i dont care if i loan out or loose.

they have a nice 220V 2 piston compressor with a 30gal tank for about $400 that i have been eying since my craftsman burned up. i only have a 2 car garage so my tools need to fit.