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harbor freight tools that don't suck

Anyone tried the 1 ton chain hoist from them? Hope to pick up one off craigslist this weekend for some light duty (300-400 lbs) in the shop. I read on another forum a guy liked his a lot but I wouldn't mind hearing more opinions than just 1
I use one to lift a ramp to the loft in my shop. The ramp is 2x6 and plywood 4'x16' have had a 500lb snowmobile with me siting on it and hoisted up just fine.

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Has anyone used the tubing notcher they have?
Getting the alignment right is a pain, had to use washers as spacers. Mine is still intact but only done maybe a half dozen cuts. Worth it for a small project that doesn't need a lot of precision.


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The others are quite a bit more but work much better. I have a JD2 Notchmaster but the base model jd2 works well too. Of not on a budget the Bailiegh tn250 is a great unit.


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I have a harbor freight one with washers and alignment marks to get 90 degrees right. I use good quality hole saws (the bi-metal ones from Lowes) and it has cut hundreds of tubes. you gotta clamp it down tight, 2 clamps or vice grips minimum, if it gets shaking you will jam up