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Got a question for you guys, so I’m starting so mount my harnesses, where the harness holes are it’s a few inches lower than my actual shoulders (about where the red mark is at). I know that the harnesses need to be between 0 to -20 degrees. If I run the harnesses through the holes and I go to tighten down the harness will it compress my spine? Any suggestions on how I should mount them?

jon coleman

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modify the openings , then put eyelet style anchors for clipp in hardware on horizontal bar on roll cage, if too low, add another tube of the minimum amount of material ( 1.5 " 0.95 dom minimum)required for belt mounting/ anchor points, i had same seats, im tall, i put the eyelets on bar, ended up at about 15°, but i was pre mandatory hans, was ok,0-10° max below with hans device on.dont scrimp on safty!also run lapp belts as tight as you can stand, , run shoulders just snug, not Tight!, the jerking on spine will wear you out, if lapps are loose & shoulders are tight, youll get woooped up on!, .at 5ft8" the openings shoud be ok, just make sure were belts mount aint way below shoulder( more then 20 °)
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