Hawthorne Class 7 results and points


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Finishing Order
Greg H- Completed
Oscar L- Completed
Patty H- Completed
Mike K- Completed
Bill M- Completed
Matt T- DNF
Ron C- DNF
Jeff M- DNF

This is a double points race so I'm assuming just double the amount for finishing points...

Greg 191 + 72 + 72 = 335
Patty 202 + 59 + 59 = 320
Bill 210 + 50 + 50 = 310
Matt 188 + 40 + 40 = 268
Mike K 138 + 54 + 54 = 246
Oscar 98 + 65 + 65 = 228
Jeff 117 + 32 + 32 = 181
Ron 99 + 36 + 36 = 171
Fred 140
Rodney 93
Mike A 90

Patty had a great race, in the first couple of miles of lap one she was following Matt through the dust and Ron somehow came down on the back of the truck in the heavy dust and trashed the left rear corner. The truck still ran ok and she was able to get and hold the lead through the first 2 laps. She was running about 1:35 lap times(one of which was either fast lap for the race or fast lap in the class-I'm not sure) when on the third lap the front shock gave way and ripped the shaft out of the end of the heim carrier and had to limp it in to Pro Pit for repairs. Pro Pit came up with the great idea of drilling out the parts and pinning them so she could limp it in for a third place finish. If not for their ingenious repair solution we'd probably be out of the points battle altogether instead of having a chance to catch up at Prairie City, thanks guys...Curt


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We finished one finally! Woo Hoo. Congrats to Greg and Patty for their finishes. Especially congrats to Oscar for a great 2nd place in his first desert race. I'm jealous... Oh, and Curt, they were all doing 1:25 ish. The fastest lap I saw was a 1:24, but they didn't get times for everyone on the last lap because they were out at check 3 BA'ing me when I went by for the last time.

We had lots of problems with the borrowed head not making any power below 7,000 RPM. We overheated on the first lap in the 8-mile long sand wash. Oscar was stuck out there, too. The dust was unbelievable. Young Tim helped us get going again and then we got to the switchback and had to get pushed up it by one of the Hummers (after following them for 10 miles). There was a buggy stuck in the middle of it all day. Thanks guys! We might not have made it otherwise. The big whoops at MM 35 were RAD!!!

2nd lap we overheated about 150 yards from the end of the wash and this time it let all the smoke out of the starter. We had to replace the starter and again Young Tim came to help. Our pit crew swore up and down the spare starter was on board, but we didn't find it for at least 45 minutes. Sorry to the guys for that. We made it up the switchback at 2,000 RPM with the engine chug-chugging. WAJ.

3rd lap we made it through the sand wash, which had grown to about 12 miles long. We stopped before it this time and let it cool down first and also changed a rear flat. We were at 250 degrees for at least 5 miles. Hit the big whoops this lap at 7,000 in 2nd (~75-80 mph) and just flew off it. Definitely the furtherst I've flown yet and it didn't even wiggle when we landed. Flew the road crossing topped out also. We had to shift into 3rd at 8000 rpm, or the engine wouldn't pull. We didn't get to use 3rd that often. Hope somebody got some pics there even though it didn't feel like we were leaving the ground much. Got to the switchback and there were two cars stuck in it, and a stock full trying to get stuck. We changed the other rear flat and waited for it to clear. We went rigt up it this time, because the buggy left as we came up the hill. Got a left front flat coming over the crest and drug the I-beams all the way to the finish because we were out of spares.

At least we finished. What a wonderful course. I hope we do it again. See you all at the Sac.

I didn't get a chance to talk to Rich, but I'll get all the results and points posted ASAP.



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"Drug the I-Beams all the way to the finish" now thats got to make your wallet pucker a bit.......Surveyed the damage, heard the stories, sounds like everyone had a great time. It's really cool Oscar did well and congrats to Greg for getting another win.

Now to look ahead, I'm trying to decide what's worth fixing, I'm leaving the glass in destroyer mode and can't figure out how she was able to drive fairly fast for a couple miles with a completely broken leaf spring which should of been a minor catastrophy......Curt


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Patty had the class 7 fast lap of 1:21:11, then second fastest with a 1:23:57, thrid fastest in class 7 was Greg Hosmann with a 1:24:23....

Overall fastest lap was Mike Lehners with a 1:02:29