Hawthorne Results and Notes


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Sorry for being so late with this, had no 'Net over the weekend.

1 and 10-Sam Berri (also overall)
7-Greg Hosmann
8-J. Melsheimer (in a Chevy, HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
9-Steve Sousa*
Semi-Pro-E. Paul

*Sousa was declared the winner after race. Lee Creiglow filed a protest after the race against Tom Hatch, who came in first. It was determined Hatch was running illegal parts and was DQ'ed.

There was a Quad race. They started at 6am and ran before the 4-wheel vehicles ran. I don't have the winner lists with me, I'll have to get that.

Class 8 had a 6 truck field with only 2 DNF.

Track was reported as being fast in a lot of spots, with some nasty silt beds thrown in for good measure.

Class 1 looks like it had the highest percentage of finishers with only one DNF out of 6 running.

Rod and Chad Hall came out and tested both the race Hummer and a H2. Talked to Chad, he said the H2 is stock 'cept shocks and cage. It flat out walked the dog.

That's all I can think of right now.