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In the almost 45 years that I've been traveling in and out of Baja, I have never had anything stolen from my car. From the house? Yes. From the beach? Yes. From the bar? Yes. But never from my vehicle until the weekend of the Baja 500 this year. We got back at 4:30 a.m. to the hotel. Going to my room I noticed that I had left the dome light on. Reluctantly, I went down, open the door and turned it off.
MY FAULT. I can't remember whether I locked the door or not or clicked the alarm as I returned to my room.

A few hours later when I came down to leave for home, around 10 a.m., my office bag, on the back seat, was gone. I knew it was there the night before because I contemplated taking it back to the room and then bringing it down in a few hours. Bad call. It is gone from the Las Rosas front parking space.

I must have pissed off the night security guard by asking him to move his car so that we could park our chase trucks right in the front as we always do. He mumbled a few words in Spanish and left.

Inadvertently I gave him a nice present because he was able to snatch my entire office (rolling office tote), including my scoring computer, my newly renewed passport, cables. connectors, converters, a neat all-purpose Swiss knife, extra batteries for all my electronics, several Mexican phones with chargers, my daily diary, which right now, I'm trying to figure out where I have to be next. I already missed two doctor's appointments on Monday.
In other words, IAFUP.

If you hear of a promoter in Baja trying to put on a Gran Carrera but he is not the effervescent-type like me, nab that SOB, he's got my stuff.

My good buddy at the Las Rosas was going to check the security cameras on Monday and get back but never did. Bumber.