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I have a 94 ranger with the 4.0. Just wondering what I can do for performance upgrades, chips, exhaust, supercharger. where I can get a good set of headers and what type. Also should I run dual 3" exhaust or 2.5".

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I also have looked for some cheaper priced headers for my 4.0 but only ones I found were at 4 wheel parts for like 500 bucks. I think I put that 500 into the rebuilt engine instead. More bang for my buck.

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Call me at Race Ready Products between 9 and 6 today. We have all sorts of parts for the 4.0 V6 Rangers: Performance Chips, Intake Kits, Camshafts, Throttle Bodies, Mass Air Flow Sensors, and Headers from a variety of manufacturers in a wide range of prices.

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I have the Ford SVO headers on my F1 and I love them. They bolted right on and weren't too exspensive. You should check them out as they were built by the same company that built your motor!

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JBA might make headers for it.

As far as after that....single 2.5" exhaust will be sufficient. Single 3" would be pushing it, sacraficing low end torque.

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you guys are silly! most built 5.0's only run a dual 2 1/2". i raced last season with dual 2 1/2's on my 351 windsor. as cleartoy implied too large an exhaust causes problems. ask the header manufacturer what they recommend. also look at the outlet of the header. most headers these days have a realistic size outlet.
the science involved in exhaust sizing is more in depth than "lower links 101" ever scratched. the headers in my new truck are going to be 3 step headers into some fancy merge collectors then a single 5" muffler and dump. absolutely inconceivable technology to us normal joe's, but that's what the engine engineer wants. the steps create torque without costing HP.

the point is don't go toooooo big, it will hurt.

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