Heat Affect on Bypass / Control Shocks


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How much affect does heat have on how Bypass / Control shocks work? If it was possible to keep them cool, will it help the handling, and wear of the shocks? or would it not make much difference, the way current shocks are built? Mainly King control shocks?


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Yes, keeping the shock within a reasonable temperature range should offer consistant performance.

Giant Geoff

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Today’s shocks are built so well it’s not a concern. You need heat in different parts of your car to help keep things from breaking. If things are keep to cool you will blow seals and metal would not expand correctly to handle the forces, so heat is a very good thing to an extent.
I have a 4500 lb. linked truck with 3” king by-pass and it takes a good 20-25 miles of beat up terrain to get them up to a good running temp to where they start working good. For my combination I only need to change the shock oil once every 2 years.

I’ve leaned to think less and do more, and by doing more I gain the practical knowledge for how this things work and what is needed. But more importantly, what is not needed.