heat sheild for fuel cell & fuel lines


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So my radiator is shooting hot air right at my spare and deflecting the hot air to between the tire and fuel cell.

I have thought about a aluminum shield with mounting bolt welded to the fuel cell straps.
Does this look like it will be effective? Or is there another way to do this.

it is open air on the sides and bottom



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If vapor lock is an issue in tank pumps will stop it. Otherwise can you deflect closer to the radiator to maximize the air controlled ? How did your Dos Mares race turn out ?

Chris Tobin

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I'd think you'd want the hot air off the spare tire as well. What about building a deflector that sent the air to the sides around the tire and fuel cell instead of up and into the tire?


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Aluminum will eventually absorb the heat and send it off into the fuel tank... A piece of plywood would work better in my opinion... Asbestos sheet... Something with insulating qualities... Aluminum is for heat dissipation...