Heidi Steele selected as Top 40 by OC Metro


DA Meatball
That made my day!


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Outstanding young lady!


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Intertesting quote or miss quote in the article...

If you could have dinner with anyone – alive or dead – who would it be and why?
"Jesus Christ – he had the most tremendous impact on people ever. I’d like to hear his word directly from him."

If this was Heidi's quote, I suggest read the Bible. Makes it sound like maybe Heidi doen't believe it unless it comes from Christ himself.

Then again it could be a typical missquote.


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"... This blond, sassy, adrenaline-seeking executive..."?

Everything else makes sense except the "sassy" part. My grandmother was "sassy". Eleanor Roosevelt was "sassy". Heidi has her own brand of "Cool" just like Cam does.

Congratulations, Mrs Steele, hope you inspire more women to try out offroad racing.


Lone Gunnman
Way to keep rolling on the road...


seems like the naturally colored haired steele is doing is good job steele-ing the "pub" away from her "pab" :eek: (congrats "hb", love you xo) d-no :cool: