Hello all I am Greg Moser


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Hello all I am Greg Moser

- How I got into desert racing. From racing Honda Odyssey around 1977
- How I have found this website. I am not positive I posted photos a few years ago
- What vehicle I raced. I raced class 6 Spy racing, class 9 GWMoser, and class 1 GWMoser racing, the 6 car from 1985 through 1990. One race in the 9 car Parker 1989. My car class 1 coined the name (truggy) from the Simon Brothers. 1996 Parker I also raced all of MDR 1997 have not race from that time on.
- Your future plans in respect to desert racing. Going out to give a hand and also plan to solo Baja 1000 on a bike in 2010
- What keeps you busy during the day? out of work at this time living in Bend Or looking for work.