Hello All

6767 Ranger

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Hi all. I'm relatively new to the sport and have been trying to put together a truck for quite a while now. I just moved from Hawaii to Az a few months ago and unfortunately life has thrown me a few curve balls lately. Life in Az is basically great so far and I'm anxious to get more involved and complete my truck as soon as I can. Lately finances and health issues have really taken their toll on my hobbies and this project has been hit the hardest. Though I do look forward to getting more acquainted w/ all of you on here, I am regretfully posting my front suspension kit in the Race Dezert classifieds. My current situation demands that I let go of a few things in order to properly handle things in my personal life. I will start this project up again eventually but for the time being it is impossible. I apologize for the somber greeting. Thanks for reading.