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David K

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Long time lurker, finally registered. Thank you!

Me: Long time Baja and desert traveler, explorer, writer. My first off road race, as a spectator was the 1973 Baja 1000. Next was the first SCORE Baja race, the 1974 Baja Internacional.

That continued and at the 1978 Baja Internacional (eventually renamed Baja 500) I was invited to help with pitting duties for Los Campeones Racing Team. Soon, I would be a 'pit captain' at the '78 Baja 1000, and later at the Parker 400 and next Baja Internacional.
In 1979, I was asked to be a co-driver in the 1979 Baja 1000, which was the first year SCORE raced to La Paz.

More recent, my wife and I assisted Carlos of Baja Pits at the 2006 Baja 500 and 1000 with communications.

Non-racing activities are my articles for Baja Bound and my books on the missions of Baja California.

Thank you for your great forum!