Hello every one.


Hello my name is shamus.
I do ride enduro not pro but i am apart of a club that does host races and other stuff.
I been riding cents i was about 3 years old and been just having fun. I own a KLX 300 R and a 1996 Ford Ranger witch i hope to do some sick stuff to. I found the web site by a friend. I was told this site has the best deals on what i am looking for and what i would like to do to my truck. The Vehicle i would like to work on after my ranger is prob going to be a toyota prerunner.
What i would like to bring to this site is my lovely self. :D I do web sites and other things such as GFX and some html coding.
Things that keep me going in the day are. Well gotta get up for school. "gotta go some were in life because if it were my way i would live in the desert". I play Foot-ball for my high school. I am in the 10th grade and i can't think of any thing els. " I don't bite." just ask what you would like to know and ill tell you.
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