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Thanks race-sezert.com for creating this unique forum for dezert racers. As many of you hard core dezert folk know, the Big Wahzoo II reports on Checkers hapenings in a semi-monthly column graciously hosted by John Calvin of Dusty Times. It is Wahzoo's mission to report on anything and everything of interest regarding Checkers hapenings, but I'll only if it's The Straight Poop!

Many of you have been sending your rants, raves, comments, compliments, bitches, and straight poop scoops and tips directly to me at WahzooTwo@gmail.com and now, and now you can do so here (or not!) at race-dezert.com. I don’t promise I’ll respond to each and every email or posting, but if your information is interesting enough and factual, meaning you provide sufficient validation of your wild-assed claims, AND is has to do with Checkers hapenings, you just might see your stuff also published in Dusty Times.

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Wahzoo II
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