Hello,Fresh From Primm...


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Hello to all,

I had been meaning to join this site for a while but have just been very busy with everything! It seems like more and more I found myself on the forums looking at the opinions of many regarding the state of short course off-road racing.

I have a unique perspective on many topics as I have been involved with SCORE, SODA, CORR, WSORR, and now LOORRS doing tire support since 1995, first for many years with BFGoodrich and now Goodyear in the LOORRS series.

I enjoy taking photos at the races when time permits and hopefully can share with member’s pictures, stories and opinions. Primm was a blast and looking forward to Round 3.

Fun Fact: We handled around 140 tires on Friday alone at the Goodyear hauler and got to spend some time with many drivers and crew old and new. Hats off to everyone for a smooth first event.



Mike @ pit b

Welcome aboard. :)

Expect a lot of requests for free tire testing. :D:D