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Signed up a few days ago after looking online for long travel geometry discussions. Starting the planning stages of my next project, and trying to decide if I should design/build the long travel from scratch or just drop the coin and buy a kit. I don't post much, but I do lurk and soak up as much information as possible for my builds.

Project scope:
1964 C10 long bed fleet side. I had thought about dropping it low and making it fast, but there are already a few done up that way in the area. I've always been into off road 4x4 stuff, so hence the idea of making a prerunner out of it. We don't see many go fast trucks in my neck of the woods, since we don't really have the terrain for it. But I do plan to take it to Silver Lake for some thrashing once it is complete.
Since I can't find a kit or much info on the suspension for the 60-66 trucks. I procured a 2004 Silverado that will be the base of the suspension and drivetrain, and the body of the 64 will swapped on later.

Trail riding quads and then trucks. Have a full tube chassis Toyota that I used to wheel, but hasn't been out of the barn in a couple years at this point. Recently finished up a LS swap into a 63 Bel Air that is the family cruiser.


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You will have plenty of fabrication into the rest of the truck. I would strongly consider using an off the shelf kit. It will probably save you money and definitely time and frustration in the long run.


There is a bolt on I beam kit out from giant motorsports for the front of the c10s I have a 1964 that is currently low and fast and was thinking of doing that kit