Hello from Seattle


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Hi there , my name is Robert , and I've always loved watching offroad racing . Growing up in Washington made it kind of tough . I bought a new 1996 F150 and right away turned it into a healthy pre-runner . Everyone thinks its a 4 wheel drive , I think because of our rain , but I've pulled a few 4wheelers out of trouble and they thought that was pretty cool ( nothing like mud terrains , a detroit locker and lots of HP . ) My parents moved to Tucson so I visit them every year , but some how there is always a race going on that weekend to .
Well I am totally stoked about the races in Washington and Oregon , talk about prayers being answered . I now have a 1976 F100 , it will be ready for next years racing ( begging , borrowing and throwing wads of money at it , it better be ready ) . You'll be hearing from me alot and maybe even about me soon to . Thanks for this great website , I've been checking it out for years . see ya in the dirt , Robert.