Hello from Utah!


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Apr 9, 2016
Northern Utah
Hello! My name is Dan. I'm new to this forum and new to off road vehicles. I'm driving a '02 GMC Sierra 2wd that I bought new off the lot in 2002. It's been lowered a bit and set up for street driving with super stiff suspension and massive anti roll bars etc and it handles amazingly well, but its time for a change. I've really wanted to build a mild prerunner (pre-prerunner?) for a while and now that I'm (nearly) finished with college I think it's time to start.

A little about me, I'm finishing up my Master's in mechanical engineering. I'm hoping to get a job in propulsion systems soon (otherwise no truck parts etc haha!). I've been in Northern Utah my whole life and I love it here. The skiing and mountain biking is amazing!

The truck has had lots of work done to it but most doesn't help with off road driving. Just finished an engine rebuild with a mild cam etc so the engine is dialed for now. Here's a pic of the truck at the moment.



Here is the engine freshly finished (it is the 4.3 sadly). Its running a bigger cam and ported/polished heads as well as ARP studs etc so it'll hold boost better (getting a SC in the next few months hopefully). I did all of it myself and it was great fun but took forever. Porting iron heads is painfully slow.

Assembled engine.jpg

As far as suspension goes I'm thinking about Camburg's 6.5 kit (except I don't want that much lift) and a basic Deaver pack in the rear with some new adjustable shocks all around but I know so little about long(er) travel suspension I want to learn more about the options first.

Anyways, I'm excited to be here and excited to learn! Thanks!
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