Hello guys my name is Robert


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Oct 6, 2009
RDC Crypto
Norco, Ca
Hi everyone my name is Robert,
I have used the classifieds for at least a year now maybe longer, or at least been window shopping. I guess i never activated my account so here i am.
I am from Santa Ana CA.
I enjoy the dirt whether its on my feet or balls out in something.
I do not race at this time however I will probably hold the longest record for building a 12 car at the pace I am going. Ok so I have a chassis should have welding done up in the next few weeks. Not much more than that but with the turn of the economy well slowed things down for me but i will get it done.
this is my first build and a learning experience for me. I have no experience except breaking buggies trying to exceed there limitations.

As for my job and what i do all day I am in sales nothing exciting mainly distribution and industrial. other than that i am day dreaming about the dirt

I actually was coming to post because i noticed there is room for another section on the icons for classifieds. Why not a trade/barter section ? just a thought some like it some don't i understand that
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