Hello.....hi......Just another dick in the desert here!

Desert Tundra

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Whats up desert people just another dick in the desert. Just whanted to be polite & say HI.

Allways had love for the sport since the baja 1000 of 1989 we past through on our way back from fishing trip.
Found the web site looking for part for the old beater. I play with front and rear long travel tundra v8 all kinds of goodies on her.
Future plans are like anyone elses should be, to go out and have a good time with all you other crazy mo fows out there. Oh yes RACE TROPHY TRUCKS! Full time construction worker, part time race prep/co pilot & full time dad.

Im with RFS motorsports & we hope to have a strong rest of the season. Thanks S.C.O.R.E.,Eric Lopez, Mike childress, General Tire, Danzio Performance, PRP, Oh dont forget IRC, LOL, for a sweet baja 500 win for us.


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